Achieving Team Leader Excellence in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Industry

Details :

This training course has been developed for the Shift Team Leader working in the hazardous E&P oil, gas and petrochemical industries.  Shift Team Leaders play a vital and integral part of the whole operation providing the balance between direct management and the remaining workforce.  To ensure that operations run smoothly 24/7, throughout the year, the operational importance of this critical role should not be underestimated.  Personnel undertaking this role need to be developed correctly to ensure that they are equipped with the right skills, competencies and knowledge to make a difference.

On the training course, delegates will learn about the importance of their role, how to manage and lead others, problem solve, allocate resources effectively, lead and manage their teams as well as develop team members to achieve their best performance.  The training course will be conducted in two parts, with the first three-days focusing on the theory as well as workplace aspects, with the last two-days utilising leading experiential techniques to ensure practical and real learning is put into practice.  In addition, the delegates will undergo two psychometric profiling assessments to further enhance their development and understanding.  This training course is essential development for any Shift Team Leader in the industry.

This training course will feature:

  • The importance of the Shift Team Leader role for organizational success
  • Your own self-awareness to manage yourself and others
  • The analysing of risks and problems and providing effective decisions
  • How to manage people through excellent interpersonal skills and communication techniques
  • Methods developing increased performance management
  • Developing people and increasing your team performance
  • Understanding your self-awareness, as well as your role in the organisation and management style in order to effectively apply self-management.
  • Defining effective problem solving, risk identification and analysis within your working environment
  • Applying powerful interpersonal techniques to improve communication and manage others effectively
  • Applying development, coaching and feedback techniques to increase optimum people performance management
  • Improve team cohesion and impact on production through your management and actions.
  • Shift Team Leaders
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Newly promoted, or identified future Team Leaders, Shift Leaders or Supervisors

Day One: The Important Role of the Shift Team Leader

  • Shift Team Leader – defining the role in critical operations
  • Managing or Leading: becoming an effective and efficient Team Leader
  • Critical Power Bases - and how to utilise these effectively
  • Key characteristics of successful Team Leaders – and Personality Profile Psychometric
  • Inspiring change and innovation leading to continuous improvement
  • Achieving Team Leader Excellence


Day Two: Solving Work Problems and the Effective Allocation of Resources

  • Defining operational problems in the industry
  • Technical problem solving models and techniques
  • Practical and effective decision making processes
  • Effective planning and time management of tasks
  • Allocating resources effectively and efficiently
  • Ensuring job enrichment and motivation with your team
  • How to delegate tasks to achieve optimum commitment


Day Three: Mastering Key Interpersonal skills and Conducting the Hand Over Briefing

  • Developing Team Leader key interpersonal skills in the industry
  • Overcoming communication barriers in the workplace, culture and diversity
  • Powerful communication and interpersonal techniques
  • How to influence the outcome of your team’s performance
  • Conducting effective hand-over briefs to ensure a safe operation
  • Conflict management: managing conflict assertively with your team


Day Four: Leading and Managing your Team for Operational Success

Experiential Learning Workshop: case studies, exercises and practical relating to Performance Issues.  These have been designed and developed to reinforce the main topics covered of: managing/leading, time management, problem solving, making decisions, communication, team roles/diversity, dealing with people and achieving tasks.

Workshop Topics:

  • Team Assessment – Psychometric Profile
  • Factors for enhanced Team development
  • Group dynamics in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry
  • Group Problem Solving and Team Decision making for operational excellence
  • Increasing team performance and ensuring a safe environment


Day Five: Developing your Team for Increased Operational Performance

Experiential Learning Workshop: case studies, exercises and practical relating to Performance Issues. These have been designed and developed to reinforce the main topics covered: developing others, coaching, communication/interpersonal skills, delegation, allocating resources, feedback and ensuring increased performance of team members

Workshop Topics

  • Personality Profile – assessment feedback and development plans and applying this to the industry
  • Ways of Developing team members – exercise and case study
  • Power of Coaching – practical demonstrations by the delegates
  • Giving powerful feedback to increase performance - practical demonstrations by the delegates
  • Next Steps
  • All lectures are in colorful presentation
  • All lectures are interspersed with interactive discussion
  • All lectures include group discussion, case history and exercises
  • Actual major incidents as well as industry experience are reviewed
  • Participants receive a multicolor course manual
  • Pictures of real incidents and case history are shown

Videos on the subject are shown

daily 09:00 – 14:00