Equipment Condition Monitoring and Evaluation

Details :

This course is designed to develop individual’s understanding of what condition monitoring in maintenance discipline means and to display its importance for machinery operational health condition.  It shows how much they are reliable and fit to continue services.  This depends on 5 Bases: Measuring the operating parameters, evaluating values (by means of comparison with standards values), analyzing abnormal results, diagnosis of problems and their reasons, reporting and recommending.  This course ensures that those who are new to predictive maintenance become familiar of using this technique to predict any deviations at very early times

  • Defining the main terms and concepts associated with the processes of condition monitoring
  • Articulating the key purposes of monitoring operating parameters and evaluating them in according with the company's production policy
  • Detecting the vital operating parameters of machine condition (vibration, pressure, temperature, ...etc.) for rotating equipment
  • Providing the trainees with a full idea about this field of technology
  • Explaining and learning how to use this techniques, how to optimize the reliability and availability of plant assets.
  • Learning how to increase equipment uptime, reduce the maintenance costs and avoid critical assets from advanced or catastrophic failures

          Maintenance Managers

          Executives workshop supervisors

          Maintenance planning people

          Condition monitoring Sr. technicians

Day 1

  • Maintenance philosophy and strategy

  • Planned, unplanned Maintenance

  • CM corrective maintenance or break down maintenance 

  • PM preventive or on time based maintenance 

  • PDM predictive maintenance (Condition monitoring or on condition based maintenance)

    Day 2

  • Condition monitoring main techniques

  • Condition monitoring main parameters

  • how we monitor machinery operating parameters  

  • Machine baseline parameters values 

  • Machinery operating parameters evaluation

    Day 3

  • Machinery vibration monitoring 

  • Machinery vibration standards

  • Measuring and collecting data

  • collecting data systems types online & offline   

  • condition monitoring hardware & software 

  • detecting and analyzing of machinery deviation

    Day 4

  • Portable vibration data collector (hardware)

  • Out-of-limits parameters analysis

  • Diagnosis the niacin problems of machines

  • Maintenance management fundamentals

  • CMMS computerized Maintenance management systems

  • CMMS maintenance activities control (WO)

  • CMMS for warehouse stock control (WSC)

    Day 5

  • CMMS is vital for equipment reliability improving (EIT)

  • CMMS database bank for (FRCA)

  • Getting to know new equipment commissioning parameters evaluation, assets performance evaluation and improving

  • Preparing the machine technical reports and recommendation