Principles of Radiation Protection

Details :

This course covers theory, detection, health effects, and regulation of ionising radiation. Particular emphasis is on compliance with federal regulations in the occupational setting. Upon completion, participants should be able to aid in implementation of a radiation protection programs in an industrial or institutional setting.

·         Differentiating between ionizing and non­ionizing radiation.

·         Describing the different types of ionizing radiation.

·         Describing the health effects of differing dose ranges of ionizing radiation.

·         Performing basic dosage calculations for exposures to ionizing radiation.

·         Demonstrating familiarity with different methods of evaluating radiation hazards.

·         Implementing basic control measures for limiting exposure to ionizing radiation.

·         Locating appropriate NRC and OSHA exposure limits.

·         Demonstrating familiarity with regulations for the transport and disposal of low ­level radioactive waste.

·         Workers

·         Process safety personnel

·         Health and safety committee members

·         Supervisors with safety and health responsibilities

·         Facility personnel who are involved in implementing standards for safety instrumented systems

Day 1

Radiation Physics:

·         Atomic structure

·         Electromagnetic radiation

·         Particulate radiation

·         Ionizing vs. non­ionizing radiation

·         Sources of ionizing radiation

·         Interaction of radiation with matter

Day 2

Radiation Dosage:

·         Measures of activity

·         Measures of absorbed dose

·         Internal vs. external exposures

·         Health effects: acute

·         Health effects: chronic

·         Health effects: genetic

Day 3

Assessment of Radiation Hazards:

·         Geiger­Muller counter

·         Scintillation detectors

·         Measurement of dose rates

·         Personal dosimetry

·         Monitoring for contamination

Day 4

Radiation in the workplace:

·         Radiation safety programs

·         Training

·         Personnel monitoring

·         Personal protective equipment

·         Procedural controls

Day 5

Shipping, Storage and Disposal:

·         Transportation

·         Storage

·         Disposal

·         Regulatory considerations

  • All lectures are in colorful presentation
  • All lectures are interspersed with interactive discussion
  • All lectures include group discussion, case history and exercises
  • Actual major incidents as well as industry experience are reviewed
  • Participants receive a multicolor course manual
  • Pictures of real incidents and case history are shown
  • Videos on the subject are shown

daily 09:00 – 14:00