Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Facilitator Workshop

Details :

Problem Solving is tending to be every day more complex due to more integrated systems and fragmented knowledge and experience in divisions and partners in the supply chain. Let alone the fact that we do more work with less people and we are more depended on sharing information.

It is not always understood but in problem solving and studying the root causes of any deviations, it is more and more important to share the information from the shop floor. These employees are the eyes, ears and noses in the organization, they know how it looks, how it happened and what attempts were made to avoid or solve the problem.

The RCA Facilitator is trained in RCA and basic tools in a way to mobilize this information. He or she is able to entangle employees on the shop floor in the problem-solving process with the same tools as used in extensive iRCA, iPSDM or Tripod studies, but on a basic level, in short interviews and small meetings. The RCA Facilitator is experienced among colleagues and is able to recognize problems, incidents, near misses, deviations and issues alike, to apply RCA tools to discuss, investigate and to solve them.

This workshop will provide the possibility to practice with your own tools and methods. A basic RCA method will be used as reverence and will probably improve tour own tools.

Critical to success: The RCA Facilitator must be aware of all kinds of deviations and the way employees actually deal with them. He or she has a lot of experience on or related to the shop floor. And the RCA Facilitator is happy to analyse problems in a rational and detailed manner.

The RCA Facilitator workshop focuses on a medium level of understanding RCA method as well as the ability to communicate on the shop floor with a wide range of people. The method must be applied in a light way and in ordinary communication.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Know and understand the RCA and related methods in use in the company
  • Gather information and involve participants
  • Instruct and guide employees with the RCA method and providing feedback
  • Do Systematic questioning, gathering data and judge information
  • Present the (early) results of an RCA inventory

ü Target Audience click here

ü Line Managers

ü Technical and non-Technical supervisors

ü HSE officers

ü Workshop in-charge managers

ü Team leaders

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Problem Solving and Causal Chain

  • Generic pitfalls in problem solving
  • Personal needs for learning
  • RCA method and Event Map
  • The art of asking questions
  • Arranging information (problem and causality)
  • Case: Problem Solving
  • How to start RCA causal chain
  • Exercises in Event Mapping (the 5Why way)

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Situation Analysis Is / Is Not

  • Problem Analysis and evaluate possible causes
  • Recognizing data and information to fit in Is/ Is Not
  • Understanding the nature of problem, deviation, timeline, location and patterns
  • Be aware of the use of visual information
  • Situation Analysis and testing Probable Causes
  • Apply RCA tools on actual cases from the shop floor (demonstrations by the trainer/ facilitator)

RCA and Human Factors

  • Human Factor Analysis tool
  • Pitfalls of Shaming and Blaming
  • Interviewing and Communication Skills
  • RCA cases from the Shop Floor
  • Exercise in the use of the HFA tool
  • Issues of implementation RCA in the organisation
  • All lectures are in colorful presentation
  • All lectures are interspersed with interactive discussion
  • All lectures include group discussion, case history and exercises
  • Actual major incidents as well as industry experience are reviewed
  • Participants receive a multicolor course manual
  • Pictures of real incidents and case history are shown
  • Videos on the subject are shown

daily 09:00 – 14:00